This was a private commission for artwork on a new snowboard, which would be factory made by Windlip Snowboards in France. I had to provide a computer-aided design that they would print onto a white fabric and then bond under a clear UV protecting top-sheet film during manufacture.

My brief was to create a design based on dinosaurs using the colours turquoise and yellow. I wanted to keep it bright but very individual. I proceeded to send a large amount of hand-drawn sketches to the client and from that pile we chose a final design (which can be seen in the adjoining slide show).

The drawings are made up of many layers which are achieved by mixing up the sketches with prints and scans, however all the images used are from my own original photographs.

The board is much loved and used; in fact I often receive photographs of its latest snow adventure.

One-off factory manufactured
152cm x 28cm.[/shopcarts]