Unfortunately, our ding repairer Phil Coughlin has closed his studio and will no longer be doing any boards. If you are local and wish to be listed on this website then please do let me know. Alternatively, if you need advise hanging your new board to show it off to it’s full potential then click on ‘Hang your surfboard‘ or ‘contact the studio here‘.

Ding Repairs | Before and After | Postage and Packing | Hanging your Surfboard

Ding repairs in the Bristol area

Surfboard Ding Repairs by Phil Coughlin

Recommended Ding Repairer:

Bristol Surfboard Repairs
Dom 07849336968

Before and After

surfboard before no1Surfboard After no1

The boards that are used on this project have been collected from the municipal dumps, the back rooms of hire/shaping workshops and from the darkest corners of people’s attics and garden sheds. It is my aim to stop people throwing these non-biodegradable objects onto dumps and make them into something they would rather hang with pride on their living room walls. It gives me great satisfaction to make these well used sheaths of fibreglass into desirable and incredibly beautiful objects.

Some of the boards come to me in an awful state and it does take a lot of work to get them into a condition that is usable.

Surfboard Before no2Surfboard after no2

The stripy board on this page had its fixed fins ripped off and was used to go sledging by it’s previous owner. It had many dangerous tears in the cloth and the fiberglass was showing in places. When I get the boards repaired, I request that they leave as much of the integrity of the board as possible and not make it as new. This way the pieces maintain a ‘history’. A bit like Keith Richard’s face… every line tells a story! I am interested in the whole process from the surfboard designer and shaper, to the riders and to the final art lover. The story continues…

Postage and Packing

surfboard Packaging pic1

The packing and shipping of the surfboards requires specialist knowledge to ensure these fragile items arrive unscathed to their destination.

In the past I used Pack and Send for my courier services but they no longer trade in Bristol. They were the most reliable service for getting the boards undamaged to their destination. They used a layering or expandable foam, bubble wrap and cardboard for their ‘fragile’ products that was unbreakable but was also the most expensive solution out there. Since then I have been hand delivering and calling on kind friends to get my products out there.

I have been recommended (by a very reliable source) that the company TNT is very good with surfboard deliveries.

If you would like to recommend any other companies then please contact me and I will include them on this website.

Hanging your Surfboard

Khanage recycled surfboards are art pieces one and all. Some are still rideable and can go back into the sea, whist others are only be meant to be admired. Whichever board you may choose to buy you will want it to be seen and admired, please read the following information to help you hang your surfboard to show it off to it’s full potential.

AlderStand2AlderStandAlder surf stand

Easy to assemble and can be used for all boards whatever their size. Also, excellent to use for exhibitions and to show off all vertically designed artwork.

Board hooks


A limited number of surf/snowboard holders are now available to buy. These stylish stainless steel hooks fit any sized board and are ready to hang on your wall. Price includes a pair of hooks plus postage and packing to anywhere in the UK.

Surf Hook

MetalHolderMetalHolder2Kvartal (curtain holder)

This product is excellent to use, the screw points are completely covered by the brackets, which looks very slick. Does need a layer of rubber tape to get rid of any sharp edges before placing board on.

easelExhibitionStandArt easels

Although you do need more room to show the boards using the easels, it is worth it as they look great. The boards clamp easily onto the stand and can be displayed vertically (one board) or horizontally (up to two boards).
Absolutely no extra fixings needed on the boards or on the walls as this system is free standing (recommended for use in listed buildings).


Very well made and hangs easily, but the plastic straps do cover the artwork, which doesn’t look so great in a gallery situation.

Unfortunately, I had problems over a long period of time due to the plastic in the straps reacting with the lacquer on the boards. They left residue on the surface of the board and even stripped off the lacquer in places. I did contact the manufacturer but they had never heard of such a situation before.

The silver mounts are beautiful designs and I ended up using the system with fishing wire instead which was near invisible against the artwork.