The Wave – Beetle

The Wave – Beetle

This is the very first limited edition artwork that was commissioned by The Wave, a company that brings surfing, education, sustainability and a healthy lifestyle to an inland destination in Bristol. The brief was to include their entire ethos within the design, whist giving it a sense of destination.

I wanted the overall look of the piece to have echoes of the arts and culture of Bristol; with reference to Massive Attack (who formed and recorded in Bristol) where their third album Mezzanine famously used an image of a stag beetle plus Andy Council and his creatures made up of Bristol architecture.

The stag beetle is not only the largest terrestrial beetle in the UK but is also one of the rarest. In fact all of the fauna and flora included in the beetle’s silhouette are of endangered species of the UK. They are all suffering from loss of habitat or from their unusual reproducing techniques.

Although we have now sold out of all of the t-shirts, we do have a few of the signed Giclee prints on acid free archival paper, which can be purchased by contacting The Wave or myself directly.
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Illustration for limited edition print and t-shirts
A3 Prints available but t-shirts sold out.[/shopcarts]