Spectre Ship

The Spectre Ship Of Porthcurno

The strange apparition of a spectre ship sailing over the land was frequently observed in the once remote cove of Porthcurno. Usually coming off the sea about nightfall, when the mists were rising from the marshy grounds in the Valley Bottoms.

Onward came the ill-omened craft, passing the breakers of the shore, gliding over the sands and then steadily pursuing its course over dry land. She is described as being a black craft with no crew visible. It is said that they are below and that the hatches have been battened down. Onward she would drift towards Bodelan and then Chygwiden, were she would vanish like smoke.
[shopcarts]Spectre Ship
Graphite pencil, spray and acrylic paint
178cm x 52cm. Shopping Cart[/shopcarts]