Graham’s Board

Graham’s Board

A commission inspired by endangered species of marine life found in UK waters. The overall silhouette being of a Loggerhead Turtle, not a creature associated to our island but, even in 2017, it was spotted feeding on a bloom of jellyfish off the Dorset coastline. Experts believe it to have strayed from the US being drawn by our unusually warm waters. Something we might see more of in the future as our local seas become warmer.

All the species depicted are either already receive protection under European and UK legislation or are being considered for protection by the UK government and Scottish Parliament as part of implementing the European Marine Strategy Directive, which takes an ecosystem based approach to marine management.

Other species include Angel Shark, European Eel, European Sturgeon, Elephant’s Hide Sponge, Halibut, Long-Snouted Seahorse, Pink Sea Fan, Sand Goby, Sei Whale and Undulate Ray.

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Graphite pencil on surfboard
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